My passion is the change towards a regenerative economy and society. As a speaker, author and consultant, I inspire people and show organisations and companies ways to think and act regeneratively. 

For me, the key is to bring the principles of our economic activity back into harmony with the principles of life. In this, the expertise and wisdom of indigenous peoples offers an essential source of inspiration. 

For me, it is about re-creating systems and organisations that work in a life-centred way for people and nature and enable spaces for growth and consciousness.

How do we create contexts and conditions that are truly supportive of life?


Born in 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, I grew up in the midst of the emerging social change. I began to question many things early on and to look for alternatives to the status quo. 

During my studies in economics, politics and peace & conflict studies, I dealt with ancient philosophies, future-oriented concepts and unusual approaches. 

After working for international institutions in Mozambique, Jordan and Pakistan, I quickly realised that opportunities for active participation were essential for me. I received an extraordinary invitation to visit the indigenous Kogi people in Colombia, where I spent several months. They asked me to write a book for them.

This profound experience has shaped my life and professional work ever since, as I explore what our modern society and economy can learn from indigenous thinking.

How does the future look like in which we really want to live and how do we shape it?


I believe that there are natural principles according to which all life on this planet functions. We humans have distanced ourselves from these ingenious principles of nature with our thoughts and actions. Instead, we have created our own world that revolves around ourselves.

We are currently experiencing a leap in consciousness in society and feel that we are not progressing in this way. A regenerative transformation is beginning and we all have our place in it and can actively shape it.

I am convinced that together we can co-create a world that is focused on livingness, naturalness and well-being. It is characterised by transgenerational thinking, regenerative action, emotional growing up, indigenous inspiration and purposeful actions.

Transformation begins in the consciousness and area of action of each individual and a central component is the transformation of the economy. Companies are the source of natural solutions and trigger a spiral of regeneration.


How does a company look like that functions organically like a forest?


Lucas Buchholz, born in 1989, works on the transformation towards a regenerative economy and society. He inspires, advises and accompanies organisations that want to consciously place the well-being of people and the planet at the centre of their economic activities. One key to this is the wisdom of indigenous peoples. Lucas shows how our modern world can learn from cultures, some of which have lived regeneratively and life-affirmingly for millennia. He founded the organisation Living Future, as well as the consultancy re:ground, and is working on a film project. Lucas lived with the indigenous Kogi people in Colombia and is the author of two books.

What does it take to put lively thinking back at the centre of our actions?


Lucas Buchholz
Jahnstraße 1
34246 Vellmar

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