re:ground consultancy

In our consultancy re:ground we accompany organisations and companies that want to position themselves in a regenerative way. We offer impulses, workshops and introductions to the topic of regenerative thinking and action. Together with all those who want to establish regenerative management as the core of their business, we go on our transformative journey. regenerative journey.

Lebendige Zukunft e.V.

In 2019, I founded Lebendige Zukunft e.V. The association works on the application of original and indigenous knowledge for the modern world. The aim is to provide living, regenerative and sustainable alternatives for our society and economy. To this end, an academy is being founded as a research and experimental space. We work closely with the indigenous Kogi people.                       

Survival cinema film

Was können wir von indigenen Völkern lernen? Das von ThurnFilm produzierte Kinofilmprojekt erforscht die tiefen Hintergründe unserer vielfältigen momentanen Krisen. In einer Reise zu einem indigenen Volk bietet Survival a different worldview and a new narrative of connectedness. What might a living future look like that emerges from this? What role does the so often called for shift in consciousness play in this?  

Living medicine

Regenerative approaches are experiencing increasing demand in many fields: agriculture, tourism, architecture, circular economy, etc. But they hardly seem to have a place in our current medical system. Together with Prof. Dr. Carsten Gründemann from the University of Basel, I have written a thesis paper dedicated to the question of what a living medicine could look like, in which humans and the planet are healthy together. We are launching a major research project on this.

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societal developers

Together, seven of us are developing the discipline of social development. Against the background of organisational development, we have found that many of the central questions go far beyond concrete organisations and their challenges. Rather, they are questions about how we want to live together as a society and shape the future in a way that promotes life. But what could the profession of a society developer look like?  


Lucas Buchholz
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