Why the Kogi?

In 2016, I received an invitation to travel to the mountains of Colombia to meet the indigenous Kogi people. They asked me to write a book with their message. I followed the extraordinary offer and spent several months with the Kogi, who gave me their perspectives on the world piece by piece. 

But what can we as a modern society learn from an indigenous people?

The Kogi inspire us to culturally anchor and truly implement regenerative thinking and action on an individual, social and ecological level. Their perspectives form the basis for future fitness and a life-supporting society.

"It is your job to work with technology. But it should work like nature itself, not against it."

Mama Bernardo Mascote Zarabata


The Kogi live in a highly developed culture that has existed for over 4000 years. They have found ways to live sustainably as a civilisation in harmony with nature. Elaborate social processes, inner consciousness work and regenerative community structures make their socially and ecologically balanced society possible. Without major power hierarchies, they orient themselves to the natural order of life.

"We have to start thinking like nature again. She shows us everything. "

Mama José Gabriel

The jungle-covered mountain slopes of the Sierra Nevada have protected the unique culture of the Kogi from outside influences over the past centuries. This is how they have been able to preserve their original knowledge and their completely different understanding of the world until today. At the core of their thinking is the interconnectedness of all life and how to create conditions conducive to life. This awareness is enormously valuable for our many social challenges of the future.


"Only through made-up laws is the destruction of the earth possible."

Mama Bernado Simungama Mamatacan


The Kogi are not only socially highly knowledgeable, but above all outstanding experts in sustainable society design and ecosystem regeneration. Based on their vivid perspective, they repeatedly show extraordinary results regarding the biodiversity of their land and the functioning coexistence of society and nature.

"If we do not regain our wisdom, we will soon cease to be human beings."

Mama José Gabriel

A profound rethinking and change of consciousness is being called for everywhere at the moment. More and more people understand that only if we take a fundamentally different approach can we become sustainable as a society or economy. This is exactly where indigenous knowledge can help us. Fortunately, the Kogi decided to contact us some time ago.  They want to work with us to preserve life on our earth in all its diversity.


"Everything is alive. The world is alive. Only when you understand this again will we live well in the future."

Arregoces Coronado Zarabata


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